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Tempco.it studied dissimilar solutions in the mixed applications for solving a lot of solve problems associated with these processes. TEMPCO gives the excellent results. The modern procedure plants require a careful control of the temperature in the dissimilar productive phases. In order to good control thermo adjust the temperature in chemical and pharmaceutical response plants; a standard is become to be relevant plate heat exchangers in nanofluids systems.

Needs more efficient cooling systems, in order to actual high-speed pressure, die casting in the aluminum foundry and also try to install chillers and cooling towers together in order to solve this challenge. Anodizing plants also want this kind of thermoregulation and chilling solutions. TEMPCO designs and installs that kind of solutions on industrial processes, for technical gas and air packed together applications.

For the thermoregulation of manufacturing processes used Plate heat exchangers are equipment intended, different products, featuring quite a few sealing resources and solutions. Tempco’s heat exchangers are intended to provide utmost effectiveness in transferring heat from steam or from one fluid to another one. The choice of the materials of a protect heat exchanger is extremely significant to make sure utmost thermal competence, and it severely depends on kind of productive procedure involved, kind of fluids it works with and the range of temperatures it goes through.

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Tempco’s range of products includes

  • Gasket plate heat exchangers
  • Nickel brazed heat exchangers
  • Laser welding heat exchangers
  • Wide-gap heat exchangers
  • Washboard heat exchangers

With the help of Tempco’s heat exchangers, we are capable to solve dissimilar problems concerning industrial processes, using dissimilar plates and frames materials and choosing gaskets according to what the industrial procedure requires.

Tempco’s offers a broad range of brazed exchanger’s series T PLATE B for any requirement and is significant to know the working circumstances in order to decide the greatest heat exchanger that fits at its best the kind of thermal duty necessary. According to temperature and weight levels, and also depending on kind of fluids to thermoregulate, dissimilar kinds of materials are obtainable on plates and brazing, more or less resistant to extreme conditions or corrosion.

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