Window Treatments in Chicago for a New Set of Windows


Window treatments in Chicago are very important to supplement a new set of windows. Here are some of the best ways to treat your windows whether you are getting a professional treatment or doing it DIY.

Faux Suede

You can get the thick, textured feel of suede without paying money for the real thing. Faux suede looks just as good, maintains the same weightiness and feel, and gives you the same ability to match your treatment to the rest of the room.

Semi Crushed Pocket Curtain w/ Sheer Rod

This is an airy look that adds space and light to your room. If you choose a light color for the curtains as well, you can achieve an absolutely heavenly look against a similarly light-colored wall. The semi crush along the sheer rod adds a bit of panache to the feel that creates an air of luxury.

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The Waterlily Scroll

This is a great look for a bathroom or possibly a living room that you want to have a more traditional, rural look. Patterns on these types of curtains help to create a very full treatment even though the curtains themselves are quite light. You can set it against a lighter wall to give the space some color and draw the eye more readily.

Faux Silk Stripe

Faux silk stripes are an absolutely luscious look that can even give off a futuristic vibe depending on the lighting and the backdrop. You need to be sure that your wallpaper matches your treatment closely, because the look of the treatment is incredibly powerful. You also get a deep texture that adds a bit of weight to the room.

The Towel Half Rack

One of the best looks for the bathroom is the towel half rack, which imitates a hung towel over the window rod. You can have a great deal of fun with this treatment, because it is meant to be a bit less serious than some of the other more traditional options.

Petite Fleur Cafe

A variation on the towel half rack is the petite fleur cafe, which adds flair to the edges of the window. The treatment is sheer, which gives more air to a bathroom or kitchen window. You can also use more patternings with this kind of treatment, because the transparent nature of the pattern gives you a bit of texture without being too overblown.

Make sure that your window treatments in Chicago are done the right way so that your new window set looks great for many years to come. Keep the above tips in mind and make sure you have the right professionals by your side!

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