Where I can find live lambs available for sale


The ewes are remarkable creatures. On one side, they are affectionate mothers, on the other side, they are very submissive and mild. After the birth of the lambs, the marvellous mother is going to eat hay and other simple feed and then converting it into wholesome milk which will help the baby lambs to grow.


To some degree, a ewe can produce milk on abundant pasture almost as well she can produce on a grain-hay diet. Nevertheless, there are some popular modern breeds of sheep who has different nutritional requirements and in consequence, they need some concentrate supplied. In that case, is recommended to use good pastures for feeding and then add some grain. Besides, the milk production is very sensitive and there is a strong connection between the quality of the hay fed and the quality of the milk.

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During lactation, many shepherds add monensin, a polyether antibiotic to ewe rations. This medicine is used to prevent bloating, to reduce the incidence of infection at lambs. This cure should is used for the purpose of reducing the internal parasites, for instance, coccidia. Precaution is required because monensin in the feed is also highly toxic in even a little excessive dosage.

When is weaning recommended?

Lambs must be carefully supervised in the process of the lactations. In this way, you can prevent many diseases. For example, you can make a lot of observations both of ewes and lambs in order to keep excellent the status of the health. The emotional connection between a ewe and her baby lambs is truly powerful and a forced separation can cause mental trauma on a high level.

In some cases, the ewes can’t produce enough milk because of many reasons: maybe because she has given birth to two or more lambs or maybe because half of her udder is non-productive. In this way, the live lambs become bottle lambs.

Some shepherds think that the bottle lambs should be weaned at three weeks while other think this is quite early. The longest nursing time for bottle lambs should be considered a period of six weeks. The lambs should be encouraged to start on solid food so in this way their rumens begin to develop. Once they eat solid food regularly, the shepherd should wean them.

It is recommended a varied diet composed of hay, grains, oilseed and other nutrients that naturally contain balanced amounts of calcium and phosphorus. The live lambs should be provided with a grain mixture and fresh water, of course.

Where can I find lambs for sale?

If you want to buy live lambs you should pay attention to some features during the process of buying. There are lots of exporters which provides baby lambs for sale, but it’s important to choose a trustworthy exporter.
Besides, you should check if the company can provide you all the registration certificates required by the authorities of your country. Next advice refers to the traceability of the system.  It’s vital to choose an exporter where all the live lambs available for sale have identification numbers which are electronically stored and uploaded to National Sanitary for Food Safety. In this way, you could track each of the lambs purchased back to its origin and this mean that you’ll receive all the documents you need.

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