What to Do When You Have Been Involved in A Truck Accident


Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck or other large truck can be scary, but if you know what to expect and you hire a good attorney with experience in truck cases, you will have no trouble winning your case.

Trucking companies will have investigators, lawyers and an accident reconstruction done quickly to see how they can defend themselves. In some cases, this team may come to a crash site before the police can even get there. They are very aggressive and try to avoid any liability. This is why it is so important to speak with a Georgia truck accident lawyer. They will know what to look for and how to present your case. They will know that they can get the log book which can show if the driver was speeding or did not have enough rest. They can also get the data recorder which can provide further assistance with your case.

What to do After the Accident

There are several things that you will want to do if you are able to after the accident and they are:

Calm down. While calming down after an accident isn’t easy, you must do so and if you have passengers with you, help them.

  • Police. Immediately call the police no matter if the damage was minor.
  • Injuries. Document all the injuries you have and see if you have any pain anywhere. Keep in mind some injuries may not show up right away.
  • Write. Write down as much information as you can. Things like the location of the accident, the phone numbers and names of witnesses, the time and weather conditions as well as a description of the damage done. You will also want to get the names of the police officers that helped you during this time. The more information that you have, the better off you will be. Your lawyer will appreciate all the information and will have an easier time at presenting your case.
  • Photographs. Take pictures if you are able to. Your cell phone should have a camera. Having pics will help you to present your case. If you do not have a phone or camera handy, ask someone around you if they can take pics for you.
  • Call a lawyer. Start looking for a truck accident attorney immediately so they can begin working on your case. Never speak with the representative to the truck company before you have spoken with your lawyer. If they show up at the hospital to offer you a cash deal or anything else, ask them to leave.Being injured in a truck crash can cause you serious issues. Not only will you deal with pain from your injuries and potentially replacing your car, you will also deal with a loss of wages. Instead of letting the trucking company get off free, hire a lawyer that is experienced in truck accidents. You will need to be compensated for your injuries as well as the damage to your vehicle. Do not delay calling the lawyer. They will help to protect you from any issues from the trucking company.

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