Wall Decoration: Great stylish alternatives to forget your paintings

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What is the element that gives personality to a home? Of course, all the choices we make in the interior design give a complete result and each component puts its own bit in the result, but there are some elements that make the difference! Among them and perhaps at the top of the things that give “air” to a place and differentiate it from anyone else is the … art we host and with which we decorate our walls! Fortunately, we no longer need to spend a fortune to decorate our home, as art is everywhere, even in a DIY object that you can use as a decor! In short, the stylish object that can be a statement item in your interior is what you will hang on your walls, as unconventional as it may be!

The truth is that over the last few years we have been “worn” a lot of what we call gallery wall, that is, the many frames in various combinations of sizes and shapes that together create a composition on the wall. Of course, it remains a particularly charming idea, while at the same time it find you a great solution, every time you feel you need a change, since it is enough to change the poster or frame and have a completely different effect. However, because the idea may be tired, fortunately there are many alternatives to this very job and it does not necessarily mean that they are frames!

So if you want to renew the image of your home, incorporating some of the most stylish … hanging decorations, take a look below!

The oversized tables

No, you do not have to buy an authentic Rothko for your dining room or living room, but you can frame an oversized poster that will cover a large surface of the wall! The result will be much more elegant and distinct than any frameset you can use so far!

The hanging carpets

The trend comes from more exotic places like Morocco, but Western culture can easily integrate them! As in the case of oversized frames, here too is covered enough area giving the basic decorative line of space! At the same time it gives more boho chic air to your interior!

The maps

Especially if it’s vintage maps or versions that are not of the … box, then the result becomes very interesting! In homes that follow the lines of Danish design, but also the used elements, the maps give a special touch, and the same applies to boho and minimal houses, depending on the colors! You can buy poster prints online and remake the walls of your house in a great way too.

Wall-mounted plants

There is a whole range of indoor plants called air strokes and thrive wherever you put them without any soil! It is a huge trend in decoration at the moment and is the ideal solution for spaces like the walls that you will never think of … hanging plants! And yet the result is unique!

Bohemian sails

It is one of the most dynamic trends at this time and, together with indoor plants and natural materials, promote the aesthetics of easy living! Ideal for bedrooms, but also seating, depending on the pattern they depict, the sails look fantastic on the walls!

The knitted decorative wall

They are a category by themselves, but at the same time they fall into the broader category of boho chic! Knitted or embroidered hangings on the walls have made their return and have the unique ability to fit into any environment that hosts them!

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