The Various Types of Packaging Tapes You Can Choose From


As a business owner, you want to ensure that you’re delivering the best quality item to your clients. You know that loyalty is sparked by being honest and supplying your customers with exactly what they ask for. Part of ensuring that your customers are happy with their delivery of your goods is making sure that they arrive safely. When it comes to safety, you need to have the right materials by your side. One of the most important is the tape you use to hold your package together. There are various options that you should know about so that you can select the right one for your shipping needs.

The most commonly known type of tape for shipping items is clear packaging tape. This is a pressure sensitive tape that comes in a variety of widths to help fit the various size packages that you’re shipping out to your customers. The most common widths you’ll find clear packaging tape in is two and three inches. This tape is made from polypropylene.

Another common form of shipping tape that manufacturers tend to lean towards is WAT or water-activated tape. This type of tape is great for temperature extremes as it will stand up more than the pressure sensitive tape. This is a paper material that works to secure boxes with a strong hold, even where the edges don’t completely line up with each other. This gummed tape is popular for the reasons mentioned so far and for the fact that it’s much cheaper to purchase than clear packaging tape.

Next up, we have vinyl tapes. These are great for the fact that they can withstand temperature extremes and they don’t leave behind residue from the adhesive bonding. This tape is made from an elastic material that makes it great for forming to the surface area you’re trying to tape. This is commonly used for items that need to be neatly wrapped as the elasticity of the tape allows it to create a perfect seal. You’ll also find that vinyl comes in a variety of different colors.

All of these types of tapes can come with some custom options which you may want to take advantage of. One of the most popular add-ons is having your company information printed on the packaging tape. This allows clients to know right away that the product is from you. If you ship sensitive items, you may want to include a labeling of fragile on your shipping tape in order to warn the parcel delivery service. You can pretty much have any words or logos printed on the various types of tapes listed above to help showcase your uniqueness and alert others of precautions they need to take with the parcel.

Shipping out your products to your customers may be a part of your process you haven’t thought about in a while. We encourage you to really think about how your product gets presented to the end user. By taking this perspective for a few minutes you’ll be able to decide on the right type of packaging tape to ship your items out with.

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