The Organic Magic of Premium Matcha Powder


About the only thing the world’s population seems to drink more of than water is green tea. It’s mostly common knowledge that the over-processing of any food, including tea, leaches nutrients away so the closer to natural your foods are, the better they benefit your health. Visit any home in Asian countries and you will likely see a pot of green tea sitting on a warmer. Citizens of these countries don’t present with as many illnesses on the same level as Westerners, including heart disease and cancer.

Think about it, in countries where green tea is the norm, citizens live healthier, longer lives which is an excellent reason to consider adding it to your own daily diet. It’s not easy to find something that tastes as good as organic premium matcha powder with no calories, carbs, fats or sugars so at least give it an honest try and you’ll be glad you did. Verified research indicates that regular green tea drinkers lower their risk of death from diseases that kill so many others so what are you waiting for? Go brew a pot and drink as much as you can hold.

What Makes Matcha Premium So Special?

Matcha has been around since at least the 12th century but has only recently taken its place as the best green tea you can buy. Some people say the better somethings tastes the less good it is for you but that’s not the case with matcha. With its rich, herbal taste here at last is something good for you that has not had the flavor bred right out it. Take note of what you can expect from matcha as part of your diet, and keep in mind it’s not even complete.

There was room here for only a few highlights, but they are important ones. Known for its ability to enhance mental alertness, and encourage a more meditative, relaxed state of mind. More thoroughly detoxifies due to high levels of chlorophyll, as well as aiding in weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate.Rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts, matcha is very beneficial to the immune system.Research indicates that catechins found in matcha are absorbed through different parts of the eye and that this lowers the risk of many eye diseases, including glaucoma.

As stated, the above list barely covers what matcha can do for your mind and body. There wasn’t room to mention that it can even benefit Type 2 diabetes and liver disorders. Bluntly speaking, the benefits of this excellent tea extend from head to toe, inside and out. Nutritional value is off the charts and when you consider that a single teaspoon contains 15 times more antioxidant cleansing power than fresh fruits, and a whopping 60 times more than a serving of spinach the answer is obvious. Leaving space in your pantry for matcha premium even if it means you must clear out other, less beneficial brands is the best thing you can do for improved mental and physical health.

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