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There are numerous reasons to consider outfitting your fleet with a GPS tracking system. Company owners and managers who mull over fleet tracking are often trying to weight the benefits against the investment. If you review product advertisements, they tend to tout the pros and leave it up to the buyer to figure out the cons. Fortunately, US Fleet Tracking has developed online demos that give interested trucking and deliver companies a behind-the-wheel look at a fully actionable system.

US Fleet Tracking provides a “test drive our system” link that immerses you in the Internet-based system. Taking the time to experience the US Fleet Tracking system will undoubtedly lead to unique conclusions about how this will help your company.

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Getting The Fleet To Run On Time

Owners and supervisors who oversee trucking and deliver fleets are often puzzled about why certain drivers or routes take longer than you expect. Workers may explain there was high traffic, road construction or other reasons for the slow down. From a boss’ perspective, you want and need to trust every team member. The US Fleet Tracking dashboard allows you a first-blush look at color-coded vehicles that tell you automatically whether they are moving, idling or stopped.

The dashboard overlays these vehicles with a detailed street map that pinpoints the location. This tells you whether the driver has taken the correct route, stopped for lunch or is running personal errands while on the clock. Blending personal and professional time is not uncommon in the delivery industry.

One of the things that really sets the US Fleet Tracking system apart is the ability to click on the vehicle icon and have a street-level view of the landscape in front of the vehicle. You will know, with certainty, whether there is road construction, traffic, or your employee is at the laundromat. With that information in hand, you can separate the wheat from chafe team members and maximize paid work-hours.

Custom Dashboard Options

On top of putting real-time data in every fleet managers hands, the US Fleet Tracking dashboard allows custom tailoring options. These include things such as:

  • Map Control: This allows fleet managers to zoom, pan, rotate and check weather conditions among other benefits. You can also select icon size and manipulate the satellite view.
  • Device Management: This option allows you to create a screen for designated groups.
  • Alert Notifications: This option can be set to include contacts and let you know about developing impediments in real time.
  • Report System: Aggressive driving, speeding or excessive idling can be tracked and summarized.
  • Dispatching and Routing: All of your customer locations can be imported for accurate route tracking.

While promotional materials can provide information to persuade you about the benefits of GPS tracking, the US Fleet Tracking Internet-based dashboard demo allows you to walk through live action and consider the experience against your management needs. The dashboard can be loaded to your office desktop, laptop or another electronic device. It’s time that you are the judge about the benefits of installing a US Fleet Tracking system.

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