Servpro Franchise Revenue


One great aspect of the disaster restoration industry is that it is recession-resistant, but it also makes a positive impact on people’s lives. When you’re comparing Servpro franchise revenue to that of our franchise opportunities you are likely to find that our company does more than provide better revenues: it helps our clients from the beginning of the disaster restoration process through to the end.

Servpro offers cleaning of residential and commercial buildings. It also offers fire, flood, and other disaster damage restoration. To invest in a Servpro franchise, you will need to put in about $156,100. That amount can increase all the way to around $210,000. You need to pay nearly $112,800 to the franchisor, and $46,000 of this pays for the license, while almost $67,000 is for the Equipment and Product Package, and sales and use tax, where it is applicable. These numbers are not inclusive of any extra franchise or license fee if you want to operate in a bigger territory or distribution area, or if you have to pay rent for a business location. Your salary is also not included in these numbers during the establishment of your business.

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All of the expenses that you have to pay upfront means that you may not see success in your business from the perspective of profit for quite some time. With one of our franchises, on the other hand, you pay between around $163,000 and $333,200 for start-up costs. Your initial franchise fee is $45,000, and the supplies, equipment, and inventory is $27,600 to $42,500, significantly less than Servpro. You’ll need between about $52,800 and $65,000 for working capital funds with our company, and that amount is about $30,000 to $35,000 with Servpro.

While the initial start-up costs are a bit higher in some categories with our company, one advantage you have to make more money is that our territories are open. You are not limited nearly as much by territory opportunities with our organization as you are with ServPro. Likely there is a territory open near your current or desired location.

As one of our franchisees, you are able to access our proprietary scalable process to achieve or surpass your second year gross minimum goal of $850.000. Your third year objective is $1million, and with our scalable process, you will be able to achieve that goal and serve commercial customers with their water, fire, and environmental losses. Your ServPro franchise revenue is not likely to surpass what you can earn with our franchises, and we look forward to working with you.


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