Say Goodbye to These Jobs if You Get a DWI


It is no secret that a DWI is a serious offense and can affect your life in a negative way. But just how much of your life will be effected and for how long? It really depends on whether or not there is a conviction. The best way to avoid a conviction is to hire an attorney.

What careers should you knix if you are a young person? What are the chances of losing your current job?


Professionals tend to face the harshest penalties for getting a DUI. Drug and alcohol abuse will lead to action being taken against you most licenses in most states.

As a doctor, you could face trouble if you get a DUI. If you fail to promptly document your DUI to the medical board, you might risk losing your medical license. Also, if you do not go along with the board’s investigation, you could risk your medical license. Getting a DUI could potentially end in you losing your license as a doctor. Keep in mind that in many cases, you will be able to keep your medical license; if you show remorse and evidence of correcting an alcohol abuse problem. Still, the investigation should be taken seriously.

A doctor would have action taken by the medical board. At a minimum; a doctor will be asked to undergo a drug and alcohol abuse evaluation. A doctor may have to attend an outpatient treatment program or higher level of care depending on whether or not they have a problem.


Attorneys will also face action from the American Bar Association. Attorneys have several levels of character and fitness checks to complete to become an attorney.

In order to take the LSAT (law, standardized, achievement test) an aspiring attorney must apply for an LSAC account. The account is a seperate application with a credential assembly service. The application will include a background check many times and ask questions about a criminal background.

All law school applications will also ask these questions and then the bar association for the state of which an attorney is applying to take the bar exam will have questions about a criminal record.

The state bar association also has ways of keeping tabs on attorneys and the regular recertification process will catch an attorney with a DWI and they will be subject to review.

Driving Jobs

While it may seem pretty self-explanatory; driving jobs are pretty much out of the question after getting a DWI. What may not seem as obvious is how many jobs this can actually cut out. Bus drivers and truck drivers are not the only dream jobs a person with a DWI is passing up.

Many secretarial jobs require the ability to run errands. Many nursing jobs require travel. Careers with the department of social services also often require a clean license. Nanny’s, babysitters, housekeepers, highway workers, police officers and even lawn care professionals may also require a clean driver’s license.

For these reasons and more it is advisable to hire a qualified DWI attorney like Leverson Budke and never handle a DWI case on your own since the consequences can haunt you for years to come.

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