Reclaimed wood flooring ideas for your interiors

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Over the years, home-lovers have been integrating reclaimed wood floorings in their homes. These floorings come across various designs and shades. Here are certain Wood Flooring ideas, which you will find beneficial while redesigning your home. However, make sure that the flooring styles complement the other design elements in your home. Have a look at the various reclaimed wood flooring ideas for your home.

18th and 19th century reclaimed wood floorings

This particular type of wooden floors is known for their looks and strength. The planks come across different levels of thickness. If you want a rustic look in your interiors, you can go for these floors. The wooden planks have certain cracks, which add to the natural essence. The natural marks on the wood further enhance the looks of the floors.

18th and 19th century French oak planks

This type of flooring is similar to the reclaimed wooden floorings to a certain extent. They have got the same thickness and texture. However, this type of wood comes across a darker shade. The natural blend of dark and light shades in the French oak planks makes it unique. The wood comes with the natural scars and marks. Certain areas of the planks also have cracks. However, the flooring is sturdy enough and is known for its long lifespan.

American prime grade strip oak

If you want a modern look in your home, you can go for the American prime grade strip oak. This type of wood is brighter in colour, and the planks are thinner. It adds a sophisticated touch to your interiors. The natural texture looks beautiful in the thin planks of wood. You can get this design for your interiors.

Wooden floors look elegant, once you pick the design that goes well with your home. You can explore the Wood Flooring ideas and go for the ones that suit your taste.

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