Pet Insurance – Do you need it?


Nobody wants to imagine their fur baby contracting an ongoing condition, but the reality is it could happen. In these cases, veterinary bills can easily run into the thousands. As the technologically in the veterinary field advances, the cost of care grows due to research, training, equipment, licensing and facilities needed.

When debating whether pet insurance is right for you, consider what you would do if you ran into a situation where your pet needed ongoing medical attention. With the average veterinary bill costing around $750, it’s a hard pill for most families to swallow.

Certain breeds are especially susceptible to certain conditions. For instance, pedigree dogs are at higher risk for illness, congenital diseases, hereditary conditions, and are more likely to be stolen. Large dogs are more likely to suffer from joint problems, and our roly poly friend the bulldog is known to develop respiratory problems. Unfortunately, the truth is that any animal could fall victim to these things and thus need attention for cancers, emergency care, surgery, prescription medications, diagnostics, elderly care, behavioral conditions, dental, prosthetic devices and wheelchairs, euthanasia, and coverage while traveling.

When it comes to finding the right plan and to see what your fellow animal lovers have to say about their election on pet insurance. Visit These are actual people giving opinions on coverage, customer service, claims processing and reimbursement.

As far as knowing the right time to purchase a plan, it works the same as human health insurance. You want to insure them as soon as possible and when your fur babe is in its healthiest state. This is when premiums will be at their lowest.

The story of one of Patty Glynn’s dogs was featured in the Bark Magazine when it fell victim to a bowel disease that required transfusions and resulted in vet bills nearing $5,000. Although her and her husband were able to handle the expense at the time, it convinced them that they should get pet insurance for the rest of their dogs. They are now able to rest easy knowing that if their pets develop a serious medical condition in the future that they will be covered. Read the full article here.

Elizabeth Stewart’s cat was also featured in an article when it ate part of a lily plant leaf. Being that she was a veterinary student at the time she knew how toxic and fatal this plant can be to cats and rushed her to the hospital for emergency services. The services included intensive care, medication, tests, and lots of IV fluids resulting in a $1,783 bill. But luckily for Stewart, she purchased pet insurance just months before which covered $1,327 of the bill. Read the full article here.

Let anxiety take a backseat to your pet’s care and consider giving the problem to a company that is prepared to handle a weighty upfront expense. In addition to pet insurance remember to keep your four-legged friend properly shielded from the upcoming summer heat.

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