Ortal’s Three-Sided Fireplaces: Dynamic Design. Modern Convenience. Old Fashioned Comfort


A cozy bay window looking out onto a snow-covered yard. A pair of dark green federal armchairs atop a dark wooden floor fronting a glowing, crackling fireplace with a red brick hearth above which rests a stately wooden mantlepiece with a tick-tocking grandfather clock. The firelight awakens shapes and shadows that chase each other on the ceiling above and all around the walls.

Fireplaces elicit thoughts of “simple,” “old-fashioned” times. We live in a busy, technologically-advanced world. To many, they are relics relegated to memories of our grandparents, to thoughts of a toasty winter evening or two in childhood. To the more practical-minded, they elicit thoughts of inconvenience — dirtying hands with soot and fiddling with matches and wood.

Yet no matter how advanced and busy society gets, we still sit around and socialize. Fireplaces still make sense.

Welcome to: Stylish. Dazzling. Modern.

Ortal’s Three-Sided fireplaces give you an eye-popping, three-dimensional view of the flames. And you can enjoy the same warmth and comfort of traditional fireplaces at the touch of a remote button and without all the mess. A grate and life-like logs sit within a matte black interior that brings out a rich, three-sided view of realistic, jumping flames. You can view the fire from almost any angle!

Turn up the thermostat and heat a large room with energy-efficient heating. This is design for your modern life. It’s clean, cozy, energy-efficient and ready for you to enjoy anytime.

Sleek and Minimalist

Ortel’s Three Sided fireplaces radiate heat from the front into the room rather than into the unit itself or the surrounding structure. This allows for minimalist design. Fireproof hearths and surrounding structures aren’t necessary because the material touching the unit stays cool, and therefore can be seamlessly installed into walls.

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Seamless with Modern Decor

The Ortal Three Sided Fireplace features an ultra-modern, peninsula structure that gives you decor options. Achieve a sophisticated, modern accent by mounting a floating granite, marble, or wood mantlepiece above. Mount a modern canvas over the mantle for a tasteful touch or eschew the art aesthetic for functionality by mounting a big screen TV.

Embrace Traditional Comfort, Modern Experience

Our prehistoric ancestors’ first primitive socializing occurred around open wood and brush fires while they waited for their food to cook. We are complicated, but this tradition is still in our DNA. Flick your Ortal Three-Sided Fireplace on with a click of the remote and enjoy the same simple, human experience around dancing flames and warmth with a modern and dynamic three-dimensional twist.

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