Off Beat Things to Do When Vacationing in Bali


The young generation today is inclined more towards thinking out of the box and doing what no one (or a few) does. Talking about travelling; you cannot create another world for yourself, but, there’s always the scope of doing and visiting things that the mainstream travellers always overlook. If you are among the offbeat travellers, book Delhi to Bali cheapest flights and get ready for some new adventures. You might not know, but, there is a lot to do in Bali other than visiting temples and sun-baking yourself.

Feed and Swim with Sharks – Are you already feeling the adrenaline rushing through your body? It’s not a joke; you can actually feed and swim with Black and White Tip Reef, Bambu and Wobbegong Sharks during your visit to Bali Sharks Nursery. The friendly baby sharks are those that are brought here to keep them safe from illegal poaching and unintentional entanglement in fishnets. And, the visitors are allowed to feed the baby sharks and swim with them.

Visit lost planes – What comes to your mind when you think about aeroplanes? Most probably busy airports, shining aeroplane, and smiling air-hostesses! But, when you visit Bali, you can get a completely different picture. You can find some planes lying deserted here and there on the roadsides. Visiting these planes in completely different light is a thing any off-beat traveller will like. And, you know what you will love here? Taking selfies!

Play in Mud – Did you just say yikes? If you want to do offbeat things rather than simply looking beautiful and seeing beautiful places, then Mepantigan is the best thing to enjoy in Bali. Mepantigan is the traditional mud games played in rice fields. But, today there are many service providers who arrange for private mud games for the visitors. So, you can enjoy it at any time of the year. The extensive mud games include lots of fun activities including frog or eel catching, mud tug of war, mud horse riding, mud dance, mud massage, Kecak body painting and many more fun activities. Let free the child within you and feel the enrichment of simple mud games.

Go for ghost hunting – Well this is not for all the off-beat travellers, but, some brave hearts will surely like visiting a place rumoured to be haunted. When we think about ghostly or haunted places, we generally imagine some centuries old monument type buildings. But, the Ghost Palace Hotel is a modern building equipped with modern furniture and fixtures. Like all other haunted places, the ghost palace too has many versions of stories, telling how it became haunted but none of them is verified to be true. This well equipped modern hotel that was named PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort got deserted even before receiving its first set of guests and became infamous as Ghost Palace Hotel.

Snorkel to the underwater temple – You have visited temples. Maybe you have also done snorkelling. Now, mix up both the things to create an adventurous activity. Yes, you can do that in Bali. The underwater temple garden of Bali has some submerged unique statues of Buddha. These statues have now become home to many coral reefs and fishes creating a completely unique experience. Snorkelling to this underwater temple garden is an experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

We would like to tell that this list of offbeat attractions of Bali is not an extensive list. There are lot more offbeat places and activities the enthusiastic wanderers have already visited. And, perhaps there are some offbeat destinations waiting to be uncovered by you! So, book Delhi to Bali cheapest flights and start your hunt for strange places and activities in Bali. We would like to hear about your experiences.   

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