Non Profit Event Planning Dover DE


Every non-profit organization must develop resources and fundraise in order to serve their target clients. This is not an easy task, and the time and effort that are required to put together a stellar fundraising event or complete a grant application are enormous. We have extensive experience working with nonprofits, and we are proud to support the work that they do. We are the company to call when you need non profit event planning Dover DE.

Philanthropic management is one of our specialties. We work directly with the staff members of your organization to help you identify ways to build capacity and develop core strengths. Additionally, we assist you in developing programs that will support your organization’s long-term sustainability.

Our work lines up with your organization’s mission, and our results speak to that commitment. We utilize best practices to make sure that we recommend programs and events for your organization that will have the broadest and deepest social impact possible.

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We do more than just help you plan a great fundraising event. We provide nonprofit consulting, fundraising/resource development, and signature event planning. If you need help writing that grant that will mean funding for your organization for the next few years, call us as our staff members are expert grant writers as well and can help you put your organization’s mission and vision on paper in ways that will capture the attention of possible grantors.

To develop the organization over the long-term, we offer program development and program evaluation. If one of your current programs is not performing as well as it should, let us examine it and help you find the problems that could be holding it back. We can then identify solutions to help the program succeed.

If you hire us to plan an event for you, we will ensure that the theme of the event and its purpose align with your organization’s work and is true to its purpose.  We handle everything from catering, to decorations, to logistics. The goal is for the organization to benefit and to help as many people as possible through the fundraising event, and we stay attuned to that goal throughout the entire event planning and execution process.

When you need non profit event planning Dover DE, call us. We are here to help your organization succeed, your clients’ lives to be enriched, and are happy to help.

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