List of the best forex brokers in 2018 for South Africans


A vast number of Forex brokerages is doing their job in South Africa, so it is not easy to choose the good broker that will suit you and bring you success. Besides, each tradesman has their own characteristic, so they have diverse demand for teaching material, master analysis, and trading ways.

We have been working on our research by dealing with the best forex brokers 2018. We compared them based on the renown and the way they contrast others. Below are some discoveries that would aid you to look for a suitable Forex dealing platform.


As we started our dealing forex in 2013, we have joined with over thirty brokerages and rejected over sixty. Our goal is to know the most significant Forex trading intermediary, we paralleled them using these standards:

  • In business, the more regulation you have, the more trust you have. We consider major regulators and minor ones.
  • Dealing status is the product’s description the brokerage must offer the tradesman, and we judged it.
  • Account types.

The broker hierarchy is formed from brokerage regulation, platform option, and dealing conditions for their customer.



What is a regulated broker? It is a broker who works under the control of governmental regulatory organizations, for instance, the FCA, FSCA, CySEC & ASIC. These groups make sure the brokerage holds a balance dealing environment but also offering careful auditing supervision and protecting the fund. If a broker has more regulation given by these groups, it means they have more faith and honesty.



We now consider three main keys to fully understand if a brokerage is trustworthy or not: regulation, trade performance technique, and customer funds management.

As we know, if a broker has many major regulators, it means they have a high level of supervision, hence more trust they get from governmental regulatory organizations. The method the broker perform your trades, and if a trading desk involving in the action or if there is any debate of gain between tradesman and brokerages is as well an important part of faith. Moreover, if you lose your trade due to the financial incentive for the intermediary, we consider the broker is less reliable.

Lastly, it is how the top Forex brokers in South Africa protects client fund. If the funds are separated in many accounts at different banks in the national jurisdiction, it is a good index of confidence. It is because the customer money is unharmed even if the brokerages get bankrupt.


Many brokers have a large number of account types, nevertheless, a new trend recently that make them reduce the quantity. The significant distinction among them is among the Live or Real accounts, the Demo accounts, and Swap-free accounts. There is another type but hard to see, it is managed accounts.


We need to use the actual funds in order to do the transaction. The problem using these accounts is that whatever changes you make will affect your account balance.


In contrast, for this type, you don’t have to face the financial problem and other issues to your account balance since the fund in these accounts are imaginary. It is an occasion to try the dealing platform, patron service, study area, and dealing status. Lots of them are time-limited, but there are also eternal accounts that allow you to utilize whenever you want. Best forex contest for demo account.



Spreads is the first thing to think of in Forex trading. It is because it is an index of the purchase and sells cost, measured in pips. There is big or small spreads base on certain circumstances. If it is fifteen pips, we call it’s a widespread, and if it is 0.4 pip, we call it’s a tight spread. Brokers have various spreads while trading, thus, tradesman should work with the one with the lowest spread in their FX pairs.


The next element to consider is leverage. We all know that the moves in the market are such small that retailers could not join in the business. Therefore, leverage has a crucial role. It amplifies the range of the deal to a maximum of three hundred times, so you can work properly. Just like the spread, leverage is also varied for each broker. A broker might keep the right to restrict a customer’s leverage.

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