How To Introduce Stargazing To Kids While Camping


Thanks no thanks to the advancement of technology and the availability of gadgets and the speed of wireless internet, children today no longer pay attention to their natural surroundings. A camping trip that is classified as “off the grid” is usually met with a lot of protest and tantrums because there is no Wi-fi in the wilderness.

Parents today find it hard to get their kids interested in nature and its beauty, but with a little effort and a lot of patience, kids who are permanently glued to their gadgets might look up and appreciate the stars. Here are some tips to help parents introduce the wonder of stargazing to disinterested kids:

1. Unplug Early

The first step to take is very drastic, but it must be done. Enforce unplugging by cutting off the power supply from the camping generator. When there is no access to electricity and nothing to power their gadgets, kids will be forced to find another way to keep themselves entertained. This is the best time to hand them a pair of binoculars or even a standing telescope to let them see what the stars look like in real life.

2. Set Up A Comfy Stargazing Spot

Bring out the sleeping bags or the air mattresses and put some pillows on them to make the stargazing activity more comfortable and less strenuous on the neck. When kids can simply lie down and watch the stars without too much effort on their part, they might eventually start tracing patterns and looking for falling stars as they take a break from the internet and television that is straining their eyes.

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3. Bring Along Guide Books!

It is always fun to spot different constellations on the night sky and having a guide book makes it easier. The stargazing activity can also be turned into a fun game by using the guide books as a map to see who can find as many of the constellations, stars, and planets in the shortest amount of time. Kids tend to get excited when there’s a prize involved so offer up some treats to keep them interested the whole night!

4. Keep It Dark

Use camping generators to keep the campsite well-lit but shut them off when stargazing to make it easier to spot the stars in the sky. The less lights there are around the area, the more stars can be seen twinkling in the skies. Limit the lights during the stargazing activity to maximize the experience so that everyone can enjoy their night under the stars.

5. Stargaze As A Family

Make sure that everyone in the family participates in the activity so that no one gets distracted because others are doing something else. Bring extra binoculars just in case more than one person wants to see the stars a little bit closer.

Appreciating the beautiful night sky can appeal to everyone, you just have to sell it to them the right way. Get kids interested early so they develop a passion for stargazing and maybe even astronomy in the future. It can all start with one camping trip and the rest can be history!

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