How a Maritime Lawyer Houston Helps You With Recovery After an Accident


The job of working on a ship or on the docks is a strenuous one that takes its toll on the body, but it’s not the only thing that puts a body at risk. The moving of cargo and working with heavy machinery means that there are a number of injuries that workers are exposed to every day. And when someone gets injured while at sea, they may need to use the Jones Act to pursue a case against their employer. While not every case can qualify under the Jones act, workers do have the right to pursue a claim against their employers for injuries received on the job. This is where a maritime lawyer Houston can help.

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How Does the Jones Act Affect a Claim?

The Jones Act is a type of federal workers compensation law that affects those who work at sea. If a seafaring employee is injured on a ship, they are allowed to pursue a claim against their employee in the event the injury was caused by unsafe working conditions. An employee who isn’t doing their job correctly or the employer fails to provide safe working conditions are two of the circumstances that let a seafaring employee pursue their claim. However, the Jones Act is complex and it’s best to work with a maritime lawyer Houston in order to get a claim processed and resolved in a timely manner. 

What if I’m Injured While Working on the Docks?

The federal government has an act known as the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. This act requires those who own maritime-related businesses to carry workers’ compensation for their employees. Employees who are injured on the job while working in US navigable waters or while involved in the repairing, loading, unloading, or building of a vessel are to be covered by workers’ compensation. There are also survivor benefits for dependents in the event their family member is killed while working on the docks. A non-maritime employee may also be eligible for coverage if they are working on navigable waters (on a ship) and get injured while performing their duties. Someone who seeks to recover damages after being injured under these circumstances should talk to a maritime lawyer Houston about the options available to them under this act. 

Get Legal Help After Sustaining a Maritime-Related Injury

A lot goes on for the injured after the accident. There’s the urgent medical care along with the loss of income during recovery. While workers’ compensation insurance does take care of bills, there may be other circumstances that led to the injury that requires more assistance than what insurance along covers. Talk to a lawyer about what can be done after an accident sustained at sea or on the docks.

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