Hair Transplant Benefits with the PRP Treatment


The procedure of hair transplant is only used a surgical treatment that allowed the process of re-growth and makes the hair root regeneration of the areas where it has been lost. There are a number of alternative methods such as medications and therapy to control the hair loss to some extent, but it is not a solution of hair loss, hence the importance of hair transplant weighs the prime place in the treatment of hair loss.

In recent times of hair loss treatment, the surgical restoration comes into an innovative modification and advancement that allows the regrowth with the utmost effect of the bio-effect in terms of faster healing, accelerating hair growth as well as improving the viability of the grafts in the interim period of harvesting and implanting.

The hair transplant in Bhubaneswar may be a good option if you are finding the best clinic and you can get them easily as the city is known for the best cosmetic clinics. But, when you talk about the perfection in the procedure, you are needed to search the expert and professional surgeons who have expertise in performing the same and thus heading towards another location or state is all welcomed. As far as the cost is concerned, the hair transplant cost in Bhubaneswar also charges a modest cost, but on the matter of quality and precision, other states like Jaipur and Delhi weigh the apex position.

The Hair Transplant Procedure & Benefits:

The procedure of hair transplant involves the transferring process of hair roots that are made between the donor as well as the recipient areas of the scalp. The viable and most sustainable roots are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp that further implanted into the recipient balding part followed by the dissection of grafts. The hair transplant procedure is a single cosmetic and plastic surgery that gives you the permanent hair back that remains forever on the scalp due to the extraction of DHT-resistant hair roots. The DHT-resistant hair roots are only residing in the areas of the back and sides of the scalp, thus it is very important in the procedure to target the safe donor part of the scalp. However, the FUT technique is much more acceptable in the restoration fraternity in order to meet the desired cosmetic goal of the hair transplant surgery. The surgical technique of removing the hair follicles is performed by using; either the technique of FUT or FUE or the final selection opting for the particular technique is decided during the primary consultation with your hair transplant surgeon.

The Benefits of the Hair Transplant Procedure:

  • The Permanent Hair roots: This is the prime benefits of the hair transplant surgery that gives the permanent hair roots as the extraction is targeted only from the safe donor part of the scalp. Both the techniques of hair restoration are the central focus on the extraction from the safe donor part, but the random punching applied in the FUE technique creates deviation and punching can extract the roots from the unsafe areas too. However, it is recommended to receive the FUT/strip method of the surgery if you are a candidate of the pattern hair loss or genetic baldness.
  • The Transplanted Hair is Maintenance-free: Yes, the transplanted hair is maintenance-free as it is the patient’s own hair and just received the changing of location with retaining the original characteristics of hair roots. Once you have received the hair transplant, you do not need to further follow-ups or maintenance as the transplanted hair behaves like normal hair.
  • This is the cost-effective treatment: Yes, it is absolutely true that the hair transplant procedure is the cost-effective option due to the effect of permanent results. The cost involved in the procedure is a one-time expense rather than the medications or therapy as the alternatives to control hair loss are needed to continue followed by a certain time interval. But, the hair transplant treatment is one-time expenses if performed at the right time with the expert hand of the hair transplant surgeon.

Hair Transplant Benefits with the PRP Treatment

The PRP or the platelet-rich plasma is a therapy involves the injection of fresh blood plasma that is injected into the affected balding part of the scalp influences the outcome in terms of enhanced hair growth, faster healing as well as stimulating the hair follicles to grow.

What is PRP?

The PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) is the therapy in which fresh blood from the patient’s body is taken out via the injection and then sent to the centrifugal process at a certain temperature, pressure and heat in order to collect the blood plasma protein in a most concentrated form. This concentrated blood plasma is now injected into the affected areas, thus helps in the process of an accelerated hair re-growth as well as the faster healing.

The Benefits of PRP Treatment is jotted down below:

  • The PRP treatment helps in promoting the hair re-growth
  • The PRP process, encouraging the healing process and helps in repairing the transplanted tissue more quicker
  • The PRP helps in stimulating the hair follicles, which are dormant and helps in further growth
  • Helps in improving the viability of hair follicles in the interim period of harvesting/extracting and implanting.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant along with the PRP treatment gives improved outcomes, hence helps in meeting the goal of the aesthetic hair transplant surgery.

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