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Painting a door is a task of 4-5 hours. Yes, and it becomes heftier when you are totally new to it. So, if you wish to have an impeccable DIY door painting experience, then read further and learn about the DIY steps. You will come out as professional if you follow below-mentioned steps.

Tips for door painting DIY

Before you actually start with one of the doors, let you have a clear idea ‘how much time it will consume?’ frankly speaking, a single door will consume almost 4 to 5 hours in painting, drying, etc.  Therefore, it should be the first most thing to start in the morning. After that, follow each step one by one.

  1. Remove the hardware of the door. It will include all the hinges and latches.
  2. After that, clean the door with a cleaner and remove grease build-up.
  3. Fill all the dents with a file or use any filler.
  4. Scrap off all chippings of old paint and make it smooth for the new coat.
  5. After that, apply varnish and wait for it to dry.

Meanwhile, prepare the colour you require for your door. The best paint should be water-based alkyds. They could be a great option. They work best with all types of rollers, brushed and ridges. Also, they impart a smooth paint finish.

Once you have selected the paint colour, apply it with a roller, or whatever you find suitable working with. Once done, let it dry. If it requires an extra coat, then do it or just let it be. Repeat the same process with other doors as well. Also, if you are looking for another option like professional painters, then contact with Power House Painting.

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