For Men Just Starting to Wear Jewelry


The simple answer to men seeking to wear jewelry and accessories for the first time is to try bracelets. The designer men’s bracelets sold at William Henry both online and in stores feature rare, unique materials such as hand-forged metals, rare organic materials, unusual precious gemstones and even wildly bizarre materials such as 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth teeth.

Most men just wear a simple ring, and nothing else. William Henry encourages men to step up their fashion game and play with combinations of designer men’s bracelets, such as understated style or chunky designs or maybe something more refined. Once you’ve found the bracelets you like, it may be time to step up your game and look into pendant necklaces and then finally, more ring choices than your simple, boring gold bands many men sport.

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Tell a Story to Others with Your Jewelry

Part of what makes William Henry unique is that each piece sold is imbued with tradition, and the designer’s own story for the piece. William Henry is all about the man who wears the jewelry telling his own story with what he wears on the wrist, on the neck, and more.

For example, how would you like to tell others about your polar bear sterling silver bracelet, called The Four, which is engraved with four vignettes of polar bears. Made of sterling silver, it is a more refined, classic look for the man who has fine taste but wants a more traditional piece, maybe even one he can pass along to his children or grandchildren in the future.

Make a Statement with More Unusual Pieces

The “Full Circle” bracelet by William Henry is inspired by snakes. It has a stainless cord and it features a snake head that has a hinged, spring-loaded jaw that opens and releases the tail. This piece is not only exceptional to wear, but fun to play with, as the tail rattles. The eyes of the snake are inlaid with red topaz, to finish off this badass look.

Want an even more wild look, but stick to the masculine aesthetic? Consider the “Dino Pace” bracelet, which is inspired by the look of a guitar pick and features inlaid fossil dinosaur bone that is over 100 million years old! This seamless, flowing design is made mainly of sterling silver.

Dinosaur bone is likely the most exotic material choice from William Henry, and it comes from the dinosaur Apatosaurus. This dinosaur bone was found and sourced in Utah and colors vary depending on the mineral surrounding the bone as it petrified.

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