Finding Inspiration for Your Wedding Reception from Popular Themes


When it comes to your wedding, it is not important for everyone to follow a theme. If a themed wedding is not for you, you can still learn so much from a theme and imbibe many of the elements. It can add more focus to your wedding reception’s decorations.

Choose a Theme

Whether you are going to fully implement a theme or take cues from one, it is important to pick the right theme. Look for a theme that is beautiful, close to your heart, and is still fresh – not something that has been in practice for years.

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  • Black & White Theme: You can invite your guests to come dressed in black and white. It also makes sense since most people have something black to wear. This can also be a more economical kind of wedding.
  • Zen Theme: A Zen themed wedding reception can provide you lots of flexibility. Create a setting that is peaceful and relaxing. Welcome your guests with a beautiful water fountain that has a tranquilizing effect. Even if you don’t want it to be a fully Zen-themed reception, you can add elements such bonsai trees, and lanterns to add an effect.
  • Seasonal Theme: You can take inspirations from the season to decorate your wedding venues. When you decorate based on the season, it can also allow you to save some money on the wedding flowers. For example, a spring wedding can be based on a garden theme. You can place different types of flowering plants at the venue, thus eliminating the need to purchase flowers.

You can create a fully-immersive themed wedding or add elements from your favorite theme. Whatever your preferences, you can always create an innovative wedding decoration by finding inspiration in themes.

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