Escape Rooms Foster Camaraderie and Team Building


Escape Rooms have been catching on like wildfire- and for good reason! In Texas, popular attractions like the 5-Star Rated Secret Chambers DFW give visitors a unique experience and a way to test their problem-solving skills as a team.

Nationwide, Escape Rooms are cropping up everywhere, giving families, friends and co-workers the chance to work together on complicated puzzles and fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

What Are Escape Rooms?

An Escape Room is a life-sized puzzle, where players must use items in the room to figure out how to get out. It’s the ultimate test of brainpower and teamwork, making it perfect for family fun or company team building exercises.

As soon as you enter the Escape Room, time starts ticking down. Participants need to scour the room to unravel clues, working together to escape as a team!

Escape Rooms Are Popular For A Great Reason

Escape Rooms build a sense of accomplishment and are a refreshing alternative to more passive activities. The interactive element is a vital part of any Escape Room experience as it involves participants directly in their own “fate”. When a clue is discovered and solved, the whole team feels pride knowing they’re one step closer to completing the puzzle.

Smartphones aren’t allowed in most Escape Rooms, so they’re also a refreshing break from our constantly connected lives. Your family, friends or co-workers will be actively engaged and focused during their entire time in the saferoom. Working together without the interruption of screens is a really incredible thing and one you won’t soon forget.

Escape Rooms Could Help Cognitive Function

There is a giant link between puzzle solving and brain function. Just like regular exercise helps us work out our muscles, interpreting clues gives our brains the cardio they need to function optimally.

People who regularly take their brains to the mental gym have even been known to stave off certain diseases, like Alzheimer’s and certain types of Dementia. When you participate in an Escape Room, you’re energizing certain parts of your brain.

Are There Any Downsides To Escape Rooms?

There are no real downsides to participating in an Escape Room. Even if you and your team can’t figure the puzzle out, you’ll still have experienced a very strong team-building activity. Likely, you’ll wind up solving the puzzle together and being victorious!

What Are The Benefits Of Escape Rooms?

The benefits of Escape Rooms are numerous. To summarize:

  • Escape Rooms build camaraderie
  • Escape Rooms are a screen free place to visit with your family
  • Escape Rooms help improve cognitive function
  • Escape Rooms are interactive, making them a refreshing option to passive activities
  • Escape Rooms give you and your family a huge sense of accomplishment

Next time you’re searching for a great activity for your family or team, consider visiting an Escape Room and experience a whole new level of working together and fun!

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