Embarrassing Sunglasses Faux Pas to Avoid


It will not be long (at the time of this writing) before warmer spring weather has people flocking outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. If you’re among those chomping at the bit to get outside, be prepared to face the blue skies of spring with a new pair of sunglasses. But also be aware that not every pair of fashion sunglasses is going to work for you.

Given that sunglasses are as much a fashion statement as eye protection, you probably don’t want to commit any of the faux pas that could reduce your standing as a fashionista. So keep the following things in mind as you’re shopping for new sunglasses:

1. Colors That Clash

It appears as though color is going to be a big thing in 2019, according to fashion eyewear designer and distributor Olympic Eyewear. But as Olympic explains, not every color is acceptable in every situation. You should be matching your color choices with the rest of your outdoor clothing and accessories.

Bright yellow is a great color for sunglasses. Yet it’s not going to work well with orange, teal, or pink. In light of that, you have a couple of choices. First, you can choose multiple pairs of sunglasses in a variety of colors to account for whatever you might wear on any given day. Or you could take an inventory of your wardrobe and buy a single pair of sunglasses that works well with the most dominant color.

2. Styles that Seem Ostentatious

Another thing that appears to be in for 2019 is oversized frames. Some suggest this is in response to the obnoxious tiny trend of 2018. But guess what? Overly large frames can be just as ostentatious as tiny frames. The rule of thumb is to go with something in between, something that fits the size and shape of your face.

If you’re into oddly shaped sunglasses – like squares or triangles, for example – make sure you have the fashion sense to pull them off. They can be so wild compared to the rest of your outfit that they steal the show. Even oddly shaped sunglasses have to fit into the larger ensemble.

3. Shades That Don’t Fit

A big fashion faux pas that far too many people make is not paying attention to the fit of their sunglasses. Let’s just say the pair you choose has a molded bridge that’s just a bit too big for your nose. You can expect those shades to slide down your face as a matter of routine. On those hot summer days when you’re sweating profusely, you might have a hard time keeping the lenses in front of your eyes.

4. Paying Way Too Much

If you travel in circles with other fashionistas, you can expect them to ask about your new sunglasses this year. They are going to want to know where you got them and how much they cost. Don’t embarrass yourself by paying too much. Paying more than you really have to could result in sniggers and under the breath comments from friends who would “never pay that much” for pair of shades.

It’s that time of year again when many of us start shopping for new sunglasses in earnest. Whether you are replacing a broken pair or just adding to your current collection, shop with care. Remember that just a single fashion faux pas could damage your reputation as a fashionista.

Be careful about your colors, be careful about your styles, buy sunglasses that fit you properly, and don’t pay too much. Follow these four simple rules and you should be fine.

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