Buying a New Car: How Will It Impact Your Insurance Rates?


If you’re about to buy a new car, you’re also going to need to get an auto insurance quote Scottsdale soon. Before you drive off the lot in your new vehicle, you’ll need proof of insurance — and that means you might want to do your research first. Otherwise you could end up with an unexpectedly high insurance bill.

The Type of Car Matters

If you’re moving from a coupe to a sedan, your insurance may be going down. If you’re moving from a coupe to a convertible, your insurance may be going up. Insurance companies have found that certain types of vehicle are riskier than others. For the best insurance rates, you usually want a compact or standard sedan. Any other type of car will usually have some form of increased risk.

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A More Expensive Car Means More Expensive Insurance

It should go without saying, but you should be aware that most of the increase you see when dealing with auto insurance is due to the increased replacement cost of the vehicle. Naturally it costs more to insure a $40,000 car than a $10,000 car. You should keep in mind exactly how much more your car will be worth as you purchase it, so you can factor the increased insurance rates into projected cost.

Safety Matters When It Comes to Premiums

New cars have a lot of advanced safety features, and these features mean reduced changes that you could either get into an accident or suffer an injury during an accident. Though a newer car could be more expensive, it also needs to be considered that a new car could also have advanced safety features. The cars with the highest safety ratings will be less expensive to insure.

Some Brands Are More Reliable and Easier to Maintain

Finally, there are some brands that are simply considered to be cheaper to maintain. As an example, Toyota tends to top the lists every year for costing less to maintain and needing fewer repairs. Insurance companies also pay attention to this; it costs less to insure a vehicle that is considered to be reliable. Consume reports generally considers the following brands to be the most reliable: Infinity, Hyundai, Mazda, Kia, Audi, Buick, Toyota, and Lexus. Of course, these brands change by year, so older vehicles in these brands may not be as affordable.

Of course, you should always buy the car that you like and the car that is going to fulfill your needs. But you may want to think about how that’s going to impact your insurance before you settle on the amount that you’re willing to spend. To get started, you can get an auto insurance quote Scottsdale today. 

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