Best Places in Australia For Pets

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You love your pet. You don’t want to leave them at home for your next adventure. In fact, you can’t think of anyone else you’d prefer to have as a travel companion on your next Australian road trip in a motorhome hire. You may not be sure where you should go or where would be the most pet friendly place to visit.

No worries. We’ll help you out. Fortunately, Australia is largely a place where pets and animals are welcome and where you can enjoy events and activities with your furry friend. The best thing is that when you travel in a motorhome hire, you don’t have to worry about hotels or apartments having restrictions on pets.

To help you plan a great trip for the both of you to enjoy, the following places are known to be ideal for those who are traveling with their animals. You no longer have to leave them at home and wish that they could join you. When you go to the right place, you can be sure to have a fabulous time.

  • Explore the Rainbow Loop Track. Some really great walking tracks don’t allow pets, so when you find one that does, you should take advantage of it; especially one that is located in the Orara East State Forest. This subtropical rainforest has different walking tracks that you can easily explore with your pet.
  • Splash around at Callala Beach. You know those perfect pictures where animals are playing with pets? Oh, we mean where humans are playing with their pets? Well, this can become a reality and a memorable experience and not only an Instagram-worthy moment. Callala Beach is a great coastal town with plenty of great things for you to enjoy doing with your pet. In fact, you can let your dog roam free as they wish near the beach. What could be better for them than this?
  • Visit the popular area of Great Otway National Park. While not all of the Great Ocean Road is so pet friendly, the Otway area is. You can still get to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the country and bring your pet while you’re at it. From the rainforest to waterfalls and even a visit to the lake, you can enjoy being in the outdoors-in one of the most beautiful places in Australia-with your favorite animals.
  • Drink some wine with your pet by your side. This is certainly a dream to be fulfilled and if you’re traveling around the country and getting to know as much as possible, you don’t want to miss out on enjoying some of the country’s best wines. If you visit Margaret River, you’ll be glad to discover that there are many wineries and breweries that allow dogs. Is this enough to get you exclaiming, “Yasssss?” If not, then maybe the fact that you can go canoeing and paddle boarding with your dog will bring out the bubbliness we know exists inside you. At least, the wine you should be drinking right now will. The area is also great for whale watching and surfing, so if you’re into this kind of stuff, you can enjoy these experiences and always with your animal by your side.
  • Run with your pup along Cable Beach. You can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and you can enjoy visiting it with your pet. Cable Beach in Broome is a long stretch of white sand that meets the Indian Ocean and you can rest assured that it’s gorgeous as can be. And, you can take your dog to the beach with you. Just make sure that you bring bags to pick up their leftovers—if you know what we mean.

As you can see, Australia is pet friendly. You can travel comfortably with your pet in tow and not have to worry about being unwelcome in places that you want to visit. As always, make sure that you respect the environment and other people who are traveling and enjoying the same destinations as you.

Also, be aware that Australia is very pet friendly and is also scary creature friendly. So, always be aware of what kind of creatures may be lurking in the places that you’re visiting. If you know that venomous snakes are known to be in an area that you’re hanging out, maybe consider putting your dog on a leash. You don’t want them running off and coming face to face with danger.

The above places are just some of the destinations that you can visit with your pet when you’re traveling Australia in a motor home hire. Rest assured that there are many more places to choose. With a bit of research and planning, you can have the road trip experience of a lifetime and one that your pet gets to join in on.

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