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When you hear the word “Anime”, the first thing that hits your mind is Japan because this is the country that has introduced us to the world of anime. And, for those who love enjoying the beauty of flowers, it is cherry blossom flowers that make them think of the land of the rising sun. Japan is providing you an opportunity to enjoy the anime culture and cherry blossom flowers with its dedicated tours.

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Japan’s anime tour is a very popular one among all the tours concerning animations. The trip allows you to roam the beautiful city of Tokyo for 6 days and 5 nights. If you are an Otaku (someone with deep interest in anime and manga fendom), then you cannot afford to miss this trip. During the tour, you get to travel by the train system of Tokyo to reach the anime tour related destinations. The trip helps you a lot in learning the cuture of Japan. You get to visit the Tokyo One Piece Tower which is the only indoor theme park for the popular Japanese manga series and have lunch at Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant. The visit to Akhibara, which is popular for its electronic shops and anime and manga shops, will fulfill your every concerned need. You get to witness the life size Gundam at Odaiba attend the AnimeJapanconvention where you can enjoy cosplay.

Just like the anime tour that gives you a chance to enjoy the anime and menga trend of Japnan, Cheery Blossom Japan tour lets you enjoy the cherry blossoms flowers of Japan. Cherry Blossom flowers are called Sakura in Japan. These pink flowers symbolize life, friendship and are a cultural landmark of Japan. The suitable season for cherry blossom flowers is Spring that is why millions of travelers visit Japan in the spring season. The trip takes you through many famous parks of Japan so that you enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms flower.

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