A Daily Fight Against the Plastic Pollution Crisis


In the last ten years, more plastic bags have been produced than in the whole last century and enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. The earth is now struggling to survive because of our addiction and sole dependability on plastic. There are basic steps that every global citizen should incorporate in his life to take a step against plastic rather than just relying on the efforts of concerned individuals who recycle plastic bottles and refuse to accept plastic straws when they go out to eat. These steps are as follows:

  1. Recycle quality- not just quantity:

Recycling quality means how clean and sorted our plastic waste is. It is very important that the plastic waste we generate is clearly divided based on its uses, properties and the time it takes to decompose. This can be done by reworking the plastic waste collection systems and deposit and return schemes.

  1. Stop collecting plastic that you do not really need:

Remember that free plastic accessory that you got at your last visit to a grocery store? You could have been better if you refused to accept the freebie that will now contribute to your household waste. So stop accepting free plastic from your surroundings and minimize your plastic consumption.

  1. The demand for plastic needs to be boosted:

Countries need to be encouraged to develop technologies that support recycling and companies need to come up with recycling options. For example, in 2015, Coca-Cola promised that 50% of its bottles to be made from recycled material. This was surely a step ahead and other companies should get inspired by it and take action.

  1. Give responsibility to the waste producers:

France has already banned single-use plastic. There needs to be an integration of other plastic alternatives at the design stage of products itself so that it is easy to switch to other options at the early stage.

The time is now to be responsible!

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