8 Useful Tips For Getting Prepared For A Breast Lift Surgery


Women undergo breast ptosis or sagging of breasts due to various reasons like breastfeeding, significant weight loss or just as a natural process of aging.

Irrespective of the cause, several women decide to fight against breast ptosis with the help of a renowned surgical procedure called breast lift or mastopexy.

The severity of breast ptosis is measured using a grading system so that the best possible option of surgery for each individual can be determined. However, whatever may be the severity level and method used accordingly, the ultimate goal of the procedure is a youthful shape of the breast.

If you are planning to undergo a breast lift, you should have the knowledge of how to prepare fully. You can contact Dr Naveen Somia for breast lift; but on your part too you can make a few preparations. Here are tips.

1. Make Healthy Changes in Lifestyle Before Surgery

Regular exercising and eating healthy in the weeks before surgery is an excellent way to provide your body that extra power to undergo and recover from the surgery. Eat healthy, balanced meals, drink ample water and let your body be active and bouncing with health.

2. Empower Your Core Muscles

While exercising, pay a more keen attention to strengthening your stomach muscles. A powerful core will be helpful to you in getting up and recovering faster after the surgery.

Buy that big, inflatable exercise ball so that you can build core muscles. Even a plank is good and it’s a great exercise that gets your entire body involved.

3. Consult Your Surgeon

Many of your post-op instructions and recovery time will depend on the particulars of your surgery. Talk to your surgeon ahead of time to make sure what to expect.

It’s also advisable to ask any queries you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions to your surgeon.

4. Quit Tobacco Products and Alcohol

As it is you have to live a healthy life in the form of healthy food and exercise. Add one more thing to it – quit alcohol and tobacco smoking. You should do this at least three weeks before the operation.

One week before the operation, stop alcohol totally. This is because tobacco as well as alcohol have a negative effect on the process of healing and cause swelling, discomfort and bruising.

5. Practise Sleeping on Back

Several people find it problematic to sleep on their backs. Unfortunately this is the most recommended position to sleep in after surgery. If you find it troublesome, you should start practising it well before the surgery.

6. Stop Blood-thinning Medications

Any blood-thinning medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin should be stopped at least three weeks before your surgery date.

Your surgeon will give you a more comprehensive list of prescription as well as non-prescription medications to be avoided as they increase the risk of bleeding.

There are some particular vitamins and herbs too that should be discontinued as they cause blood thinning.

7. Fill Prescriptions Beforehand

During a meeting with your surgeon before surgery, the doctor will hand over post-operative prescriptions to you. It’s advisable to fill them a few days prior to the surgery date.

This way, you will have the medications at hand on the right time when you’ll need them.

8. Perform Your Chores in Advance

Just like filling the prescriptions beforehand, it’s also a good idea to make a list of all your needs during recovery and buy them in advance. E.g. make sure to buy things like grocery and comfort items you may need during the recovery.

Even consider any essential housework. In short, you should get everything completed so that you won’t have to do it during the recovery period.

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