7 Health Benefits of Strength Training


Personal training can make people healthier which can give them more energy and stamina as they get into better shape. Your clients’ goals determine what their training sessions are like and you have many options when it comes to creating a training program that is custom tailored to their needs. One important aspect of personal training that should be included in any training program is strength training. There are many course modules designed to teach personal trainers about the benefits of strength training and how you can create a strength training program for your clients.

     Strength training provides a wide range of health benefits that your clients will see and feel almost immediately. If you are considering adding strength training to your clients’ fitness programs, keep reading as we are going to share with you 7 health benefits of strength training:

1.Stronger muscles: It is apparent that people who perform strength training will gain stronger muscles. Unfortunately, muscles progressively deteriorate with age,so it is important to consistently challenge your muscles.

2.Improved metabolism: Muscle is dense and consists of active cells. It means that muscles burn more calories compared to other tissues. By replacing the fat layer with muscle, the overall level of metabolism will increase.

3.Prevention of osteoporosis: Through strength training, it is possible to have higher bone density. Constant weight lifting will put stress on the skeletal structure. Bones are living parts of our body. They regenerate and respond to external stimuli. In order to handle constant stress, bones will become denser. Strength training techniques stress bones and associated muscles continuously, making them stronger.

4.Lower risk of diabetes: People who have sedentary lifestyles usually have less muscle and more fat. Eventually, this will cause insulin-resistance and the risk of diabetes will increase. Muscles use blood sugar as fuel.

5.Better pain tolerance: People with more muscle mass will have less stress on their joints and boneswhen they walk and do various daily physical tasks, like lifting heavy items. It is less likely for strength training enthusiasts to suffer from joint injuries and arthritis pain.

6.Better mental condition: Strength training provides better mental clarity and can make people feel better about themselves. It is shown that people who perform strength training regularly usually have better focus as well.

7.Improved stamina: In order to gain better performance in cardio routines, it is a good idea to add some strength training elements to your clients’ workouts. Your clients can train harder and longer to build up the necessary muscles mass to achieve better endurance.

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