6 Epic Hiking Trails in Victoria


Are you in the mood for some adventure while visiting Victoria, Australia? Well, then we have some good news for you. Victoria is a great destination for the hiker who wants to enjoy hiking trails while in the country. You don’t need much. Just pack your hiking boots and gear, some food and water, a whole lot of gumption and drive, and get in your campervan hire and head on out to the country’s top destinations.

Victoria is full of unique landscapes, so you’ll have the opportunity to explore all kinds of beautiful spots in the state. To help you plan your travel itinerary, we have compiled what are some of our favorite hiking trails in Victoria. These should be enough to get you started, but if not, rest assured that there are plenty more to choose from.

Check out these hiking trails:

1. Werribee Gorge Scenic Rim: The Werribee Gorge Scenic Rim is a favorite walk for many. It’s a 12.4 km circuit hike in Werribee and one that will reward Australian newbies to bushwalking. If you’re from the U.S. where most of the hiking adventures are done in parks with forests, you may be surprised at how dry everything may seem. Yet, this does not mean that you won’t find breathtaking views as you go. You’ll be able to see what makes Australia so unique when it comes to the bush, and as you follow this trail, you’ll get to check out scenic views, steep spots, and river crossings. Not for the faint hearted, this walk is for adults who are up to around 6 hours of hiking.

2. Wilsons Promontory: A lengthier option than many, this hiking trail is one that you must go on if you’re up for a challenge of 36+ km. Sure. It will take some preparation and a good condition, but you can be sure it will be a rewarding one. You’ll walk through vegetation, cross beautiful secluded beaches, and enjoy breathtaking views. Be prepared to hike for a few days to complete this hike, but believe us, it’s worth it.

3. Great Oceans Walk: This hike is nice in that you don’t have to complete the full trail to enjoy the benefits. If you only want to go a part of the way, you can. If you want to do it all, you can do that as well. For those who are up to a multiple-day trek, be prepared for about 8 days of hiking. You can enjoy views of the ocean as you go, take in the breathtaking nature, get to know fellow hikers, and appreciate views atop of cliffs. Bring your camera, but more importantly bring food and survival gear.

4. Mt. Oberon Summit Walk: If anyone says it isn’t worth your time and energy to climb a mountain, don’t believe them. It’s worth it to climb to the summit of Mt. Oberon. With breathtaking views on top of the ocean below, it’s going to be worth every step you took to get there. It will take some time and effort to get to the top, but be prepared for the view of a lifetime.

5. Cathedral Range: If you want to enjoy a good hike, but don’t want to take days to do so, you could hike the Cathedral Range. It’s an 11 km circuit, so it should only take around 4 hours to do, at the most. But, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the valley below and enjoy the fresh air of this mountain range. Just be careful, as there are some pretty steep areas, as well as exposed ledges, so it isn’t exactly ideal for someone who just wants to go on a nature walk.

6. The Viking Circuit: If you’re not experienced at hiking, you may want to wait a bit for this one. If you’re hardcore and die-hard when it comes to hiking, get those boots laced up. The Viking Circuit is a rewarding experience for any hiker, because at 40.7 km, no one can say it’s easy-peasy. With gorgeous alpine views at your fingertips, it certainly leads you through some beautiful landscape with amazing scenery.

If you’re a hiker who loves hiking in any country you go to, rest assured that Australia has plenty of destinations for you. Victoria is a favorite destination for many because it has a variety of landscapes and allows you to explore many different types of locations in one area of the country.

If you’re ready to go hiking, pack up your campervan hire and get moving towards some of the nation’s best destinations for those who love adventure. You have plenty to choose from on our list above, but rest assured there are many more places for the adventurer who just can’t get enough.

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