3 Wedding Themes to Make Your Wedding Memorable


A wedding is usually a once in a lifetime event. It is important that you make it as special as you can so that you can cherish the memories throughout your life. When choosing the venue, it is best to consider whether you want to have a themed wedding. This can help you find a venue that matches your theme’s requirements.

Here are 3 themes which have been quite popular for some time.

1. Rustic Theme

A rustic themed wedding is simpler and takes its elements from nature. You can, in fact, bring nature indoors by adding wooden elements to walls, table centers, and walkways. This can include branches and foliage. You can take wooden decorations to the next level by personalizing certain elements with carvings. You can also use wooden props for showcasing flowers.

2. Garden Inspired Wedding Theme

More and more Toronto wedding venues have been seeing garden inspired weddings where the focus of the décor is on flowers. The theme has a refreshing effect and every guest is going to feel connected to it. Include plants and flowers in your centerpieces and bouquets. Another good décor strategy is to add a canopy over the center table. You can also find inspiration from famous gardens to create the perfect looks.

3. Vintage Theme

The vintage wedding theme has been popular with couples for a long time. In fact, it has been gaining increasing amount of popularity due to its timeless appeal. You can choose from a wide range of options including:

  • Porcelain cutlery
  • Graceful headpieces
  • Traditional calligraphy on the menus, invites, and table cards

The best thing about a vintage wedding theme is that it can win the heart of guests of all age-groups.

So if you want to have a creative wedding theme, you should consider the above-mentioned ideas. Choose a theme that interests you and something that perfectly matches with your venue’s setting.

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