3 strategies for choosing reclaimed wood

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Upcycling and using old woods into new projects is a rage these days. People are connecting it with sustainable development and utilizing this technology to bring good practices on board. But as fascinating this idea of using reclaimed wood seems it is not in actuality. You are supposed to gather a lot of information before using it in any project. Therefore, before jumping on the bandwagon, research and then use.

In this blog, you will learn about 3 useful strategies for choosing reclaimed woods. By following these 3 strategies, you will have a better chance of choosing quality woods.

  1. Always look for tight and dry wood

Reclaimed wood can be visually appealing, but as they have been already used, their quality might be a big issue. Therefore, before you purchase the wood, check it for dryness and toughness. If the lumber is dry and tight, it is good to be used in any project.

  1. Examine its beauty

If you have a plan to use reclaimed woods for some antique projects or give your house a new look, you are not supposed to get settled with woods that are warped and imperfect. You must examine its beauty and its future utilization. The defects and imperfect beauty can make the beautification process hard.

  1. Must examine the inner stability of wood

No matter the idea of using reclaimed wood seems genius, yet you are supposed to check the wood for inner stability for its better future life. You actually must not be knowing what treatment and exposure it has been through and hence, using it without checking its inner stability would be a bad idea. Ensure its inner stability by checking soft parts, mouldy patches, etc.

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